Buying a new laptop can be a little confusing, as there are lots of options to choose from. Many things are needed to be kept in mind while buying a new laptop. Not all users are the same; some are intense gamers, while others can be casual users who just need basic document editing and writing. On the other hand, some users do need a system that can handle heavy software processing. Well, today, in this article on What things to check when buying a laptop, we will be giving some tips by which you can buy your computer as per your requirements and needs.


(Lists) What Things to Check when Buying a Laptop 

Display –


If you are an intense gamer or movie addict, kindly choose a larger resolution display. A larger resolution will provide you an immersive experience. While regular users who just need a laptop for necessary word processing can use a medium display size. For gamers, the refresh rate matters a lot. As all the AAA titles run super smooth and give outstanding experience with a high refresh rate. While movie lovers and another casual to professional users can go with a 60hz refresh rate.

Battery –


One of the things that are often overlooked is the battery size. As all of your tasks depend upon the battery, the greater the battery, the longer screen on the time you will get. If you have multiple laptops to choose from having similar specifications, kindly check for battery capacity and go with the highest one.

Hard Drive Memory –


Another major factor is the capacity of data a laptop can hold. If you are someone who likes to collect movies or play games, you need more than 1TB of the hard disk. While if you are a casual user who just listens to music and does the first day to day tasks, you can go with 500-1TB GB of space is sufficient.



The higher the RAM size, the smoother the experience will be. If you a user who does a lot of multitasking or you are a gamer, then you really need a high capacity RAM. As this is the component that holds all the running services of your system. If you are a gamer or do heavy software processing, go with 8-16 GB of RAM. While other users can accomplish all their computing tasks with 8GB of RAM.

Processor –


The processor is the heart of any laptop or PC. And all your running tasks processing speed depends upon it. Again all those users who perform heavy software processing must have a powerful processor that is clocked at maximum frequency. While all other users can compromise a little on the processor if you are low on budget. It is preferable if you choose the intel processor of the latest generation.

Keyboard –

Another thing that often not taken into consideration is the keyboard. Gamers and Professional users who do word processing both the user type need a keyboard that has a comfortable layout. With good tactile feedback and typing. Also, it will be great if it has backlit so that you can see and type while in low light too.


Customer Support –

Support is an important concern to check out when looking to purchase a computer, used, or fresh new. Below is actually a report on proposed services.

  1. Could be the service onsite, indicating a tech should come to your place to displace or correct anything wrong. Is it for your full time of the guarantee if the company is onsite?
  2. If onsite is not offered, what’s and for how long?
  3. May the computer be used to a nearby service center? If yes, what is the nearest certified service center?
  4. Is Overseas Support accessible? This permits consumers who may be in a country that is different from getting their computer set in that place.


This article covers all of the essential components and things depending on the user’s needs that one must consider before buying a new laptop. With this being the end of the article on What Things To Check When Buying A Laptop, we hope all your doubts and confusion must have cleared by now.

We hope this article is helpful and give you some knowledge. However, if you are still in some confusion, do mention in the comments below we will surely help you out. For more articles like this, follow us. Thank You!


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