There is an old saying, “You can start learning at any age,” and among all other countless gifts that technology has given us, the one which has enlightened the lives of people is easy and free education. Really in this era, you do not need to join classes or pay fees to learn anything, you just need a computer and internet, and you can learn anything. From cooking to building a game, from repairing your bike to fixing your laptop, you can learn and become master at anything. Today in this article on Sites To Learn Anything With How To Videos, we will tell you some websites that you can use to learn anything you want.


(List) Sites to Learn Anything with How-To Videos

When it comes to video tutorials and how-to videos, they are certainly better than tutorials with just text and images. Normal text and images tutorials are also great, but the understanding part differs as some users may find problems in understanding. While video tutorials cover everything and are easy to understand. In this section, we will go through some websites that provide knowledge and education using videos. Let’s Proceed.

1. Youtube –


Obviously, the king of video streaming service, there are a plethora of things that put youtube on the number one spot. Firstly it’s free of cost, secondly faster streaming as compared to other content delivery sites and thirdly and most important you can learn anything on this website. Hundreds of youtube channels specially dedicated to how-to and DIY tutorials. You can learn all of it without spending a penny.

2. Howcast –


Winner of several awards and one of the top websites of the world. Howcast provides short instructional videos ranging from more than 25 categories and over 100,000 videos. With filmmaking techniques like humor, animation, and claymation, it is people’s favorite site for learning. Talking about its history Howcast was launched in 2008 by co-founder and former employees of Google. Furthermore, Howcast also provides emerging filmmakers with some exposure and experience in film making, editing, and shooting videos.

3. Howstuffworks –


Another popular website, HowStuffWorks, is an education and entertainment-based website. This website is a former part of Discovery Entertainment. Howstuffworks provides ease in understanding complex concepts, mechanisms, and working of machinery using animations, graphs, and videos. Unlike the above two websites, HowStuffWorks majorly focuses on science and machines. Founded by professor Marshall Brian HowStuffWorks launched 1999.

4. Mental_floss –


Mental Floss is an online magazine website. Currently owned by minute media, this website provides information majorly on entertainment and media. Furthermore, there is an entire section based on education and knowledge. You can learn about history, facts, and other subjects with humorous videos, you can also play quizzes, and this website sells books as well.

5. EDX –


Founded by the world’s top universities Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this website provides university-level courses online free of cost. You can learn from courses that are provided by the world’s top universities. With more than 18 million students and more than 2,200 courses, this website is among the top learning websites. With small in-mid quizzes and questionnaire, a student can make their concepts strong. Services like discussion forums and online labs certainly make it unique.

6. Coursera –


Similar to Edx, Coursera also provides courses from the world’s best universities. With a broad category including business, data science, biology, digital engineering marketing, machine learning, humanities, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, etc. Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford University. Coursera has over 200 colleges and universities that provide courses.


With this being the end of the article on Sites To Learn Anything With How To Videos. We hope you are now ready to learn and improve yourself. With all of the websites mentioned above, you can excel in your skill and gain in-depth knowledge of your desired subject.

We hope this article has helped in clearing out your doubts and confusion on how-to and other learning websites. For more interesting articles, follow us. Thank You!


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