On 14th January, Microsoft completely has withdrawn from its support to Windows 7. Users having Windows 7 as their main system OS will no longer be able to see any updates and improvements. This is really disappointing and kind of sad for the users who have a little older hardware. Upgrading to Windows 10 not only costs them a lot, but also it is not optimized to run on an older Hardware. Now that is where Linux comes into the game. Today in this article, we will tell you all the Reasons Why Windows 7 Users Should Switch to Linux. Why it is worth switching to Linux. How is it Better?

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(Top 7) Reasons Why Windows 7 Users Should Switch to Linux

Now we know that most of us haven’t ever tried Linux in our life, and it may feel alien to us on Linux. But that is completely fine; Linux has been evolved drastically in the last decade. And dozens of Linux flavors are specifically made for the users who have used Windows as their main OS. Giving them a familiar user experience. Let’s proceed to all the important factors that make Linux better than Windows.

1. Updates & Support –

Let’s firstly start with a very crucial factor, Updates, and support. All of the major flavors of Linux, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, and dozen others get regular updates for lifetime. Now there are major updates and minor updates. Minor updates include regular updates of system applications like Browser, Music player, Office Apps, various security patches. Major updates include kernel updates, extreme performance, and stability updates making the OS faster and smooth. Updating is super easy, like windows.


  • Updates for Lifetime
  • Regular Minor Updates include system app updates
  • Major Updates include Kernel updates, performance and stability updates
  • Regular Security updates with patches
  • Easy to update process

2. Security & Privacy –

Another major factor is security and privacy, and Windows is far more vulnerable to viruses, malware, and adware when compare to Linux. In fact, Linux is so safe that it does not require any antivirus. Linux is pretty much immune to viruses or malware attacks. However, if there are any vulnerabilities, they get patched very fast by the developers. Linux has massive community and support.

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  • Far More Secure Than Windows
  • There is no need for any Antivirus Program
  • If any Vulnerabilities are found it is patched ASAP
  • Massive community support

3. Performance & Stability –

Now let’s talk about performance and stability; another thing that makes Linux superior is its performance even on very old hardware. A standard Linux distro like Ubuntu and Manjaro can easily be run on a system with 2 GB RAM of ram Intel Pentium Processor. No matter how much you tweak to improve Windows 7 Performance, there are some distros like Redhat, puppy Linux, centos, etc. which can easily run on 1GB RAM as well without any tweaking. Apart from performance, stability is always top-notch. And since it is lightweight, it takes a lot of lesser space in your hard disk.


  • Run Faster and Smoother On Older Hardware
  • Major Linux distros can run on 2GB of RAM and Intel Pentium Processor
  • Snappy and Smooth
  • Stable due to regular updates
  • Very Lightweight as compared to Windows or macOS
  • More Free Space on Hard Drive

4. User Interface & Experience –

Now comes the user interface, most of us have seen Linux in movies where a hacker uses the Linux command line and performs tasks. Well, Linux can be installed as CLI (command line interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) depending upon the user. Since we are coming from the windows, it is better to stick to the GUI. There are Linux distros like Ubuntu, Manjaro, Deepin, Zorin; these are some of the best Linux flavors giving very familiar Windows feel. With easy to navigate controls, windows, and inbuilt gesture controls will surely catch your attention.


  • Can be used as CLI and GUI
  • Dozens of Windows Inspired Linux Distros
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to use controls, and prebuilt with the gesture controls

5. Customizations & Personalizations –

Unlike Windows, Linux frees you from any limits of customizing your system as you want. Literally, you can customize everything in Linux. You can entirely customize to make your Linux look like macOS or Windows. You can change themes, colors, fonts, system sound, animations, transitions, and countless other things. Linux distros having great customization features are Kubuntu, Deepin, Zorin, Ubuntu, etc.


  • Highly Customizable
  • Literally can customize anything
  • Ready-made distros inspired by macOS and Windows are Deepin and Zorin

6. Massive Software Library –

The availability of software programs is also an important aspect; Linux has a vast library of all the popular software. Apart from all the popular software, Linux has its own alternatives to popular software, including GIMP, Audacity, Steam, Kodi, Firefox, and countless. With inbuilt app stores, all of these can be installed very easily. While all of the drivers are installed during the time of installation, or you can manually install them from the app store.


  • Massive Software Library
  • Alternative to all the best software for windows¬†
  • Easy to install using the app store
  • Regular Updates

7. Free to Use –

Now comes the price, well not in case of Linux, yes! You get all of the above things without spending a penny. Now let’s recap what do you get in free, lifetime regular updates and upgrades, access to a vast software library, dozens of Linux flavors, Stability with performance, massive community support. These are all just major things, and there are other countless perks of Linux as well you do not have to buy new hardware, you do not have to buy an antivirus program to protect it from attacks.

open source

  • Free Regular Updates¬†
  • Free access to the software library
  • No extra money spending on hardware
  • No need of using paid software


We hope this article gives you all the Reasons Why Windows 7 Users Should Switch to Linux. With this being the end of the article, this article provides you all the factors on which an OS is dependent upon. We have briefly described each point in comparison with Windows 7 and how Linux is better than windows.

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