We use youtube almost every day, and there are certain things while watching a video we miss. Suppose you like a video song, or maybe you are advertising your content on your workplace, now the biggest hurdle that we face is the automatic repeating or replaying of the video. However, most of the users are unaware of this, but youtube has this feature inbuilt. Today in this article on how To repeat youtube videos automatically. We will be telling you how you can enable this feature on desktop officially and using third party services. Furthermore, how this feature can be used on your mobile device as well.

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(Methods) How to Repeat Youtube Videos Automatically

Repeating a video on youtube is actually an effortless and easy task. Let’s go through a few methods and see how you can do this.

On Desktop –

In this section, we will tell you methods and steps by which you can enable and use this feature on your laptop and Personal Computer.

1. Using the Official Method:

Let’s start with the official method, in this method you just need a browser it can be chrome, firefox, opera or edge or any other browser. Let’s proceed to the steps.

  • STEP 1. Open your browser, and go to Youtube
  • STEP 2. Play the video, right-click on the video or long-press if using a touch display
  • STEP 3. Now simply click on loop and your video will now repeat continuously


  • STEP 4. In order to close the loop, follow the same procedure or refresh the page

2. Using Online Services –

In this method, we will use a free online service that allows youtube videos to repeat itself automatically. The website we will use is ListenOnRepeat; with this website, you get some extra features like you can set a particular section of the video to repeat. Follow the steps.

  • STEP 1. Firstly go to Youtube, and play the video you want to repeat
  • STEP 2. Now below you will find share button, click on it and copy the URL
  • STEP 3. Now go to ListenOnRepeat website
  • STEP 4. In the search box paste the copied video URL and hit Enter


  • STEP 5. The video will play automatically if not… scroll down and click on the video
  • STEP 6. Below the video there is a slider, you can adjust it to play a particular section

On Mobile Devices –

Unlike desktop, the methods on mobile devices are a little complex but not impossible. Below methods can be used on both android and apple devices.

1. By Using Playlist –

Now unlike desktop, you can’t just long-press and enable loop; it’s not that easy. You have to add the desired video to a playlist, and then it can be repeated continuously. Let see the steps for better understanding.

  • STEP 1. Open your youtube app
  • STEP 2. Now, Play the video which you want to repeat
  • STEP 3. While the video is playing, tap on the video and click on add to playlist icon
  • STEP 4. After that create a new playlist and add the video to that playlist

YouTube playlist

  • STEP 5. Now go to the playlist, play the video,
  • STEP 6. While the video is playing, click on the down arrow and click on loop icon



You now have all the possible methods that you can use to loop or repeat a video continuously. With this being the end of the article on How To Repeat Youtube Videos Automatically, we hope your confusion and doubts must have been cleared by now. We have given you all the methods with step by step guide.

We hope this article is helpful for you if you have some other methods or you are facing any issue in the above techniques tell us in the comments below. Thank You!



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