Online shopping is one of the common things that we do, but while we are using our cards for online purchases, hackers, fraudsters, and scammers keep an eye on the transactions. They try all the possible ways to steal your credit card information and details so that they can steal your money. But if you follow a few guidelines for online shopping and using the credit card, you may very well reduce the chances of online theft. Today in this article on How To Protect Your Credit Card Information Online. We will be giving you some guidelines and tips so that you can safely carry out all your transactions.

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Essential Things to Consider:

  • Just enter your bank card details on safe websites.
  • Make sure that the transaction is encrypted look for an https connection
  • Buy a prepaid card for online purchases.
  • Watch any unusual transactions.
  • If you see anything suspicious, call your bank immediately.

(Ways) How to Protect Your Credit Card Information Online

1. Adding Additional Security –


Turn on the additional layer of security of your credit card. Many credit cards will have an extra level of protection like MasterCard that has a product name SecureCode. SecureCode is a private code you enter every time you make a transaction and never disclosed to the retailer.

2. Making Your Browser More Secure –


Turn off your browser’s auto-complete settings to prevent it from accidentally keeping your bank card or personal information. Turn on do not track feature to avoid third-party websites or dangerous websites from putting an invisible tracker on to your site. Frequently clear out your cache and cookie data.

3. Using Credit Card Instead of Debit Cards –

credit and debit

Kindly do not use debit cards for online transactions as debit cards are not much secure as compared to credit cards. Banks and financial companies implement more security algorithms on credit cards, making it safer than debit cards.

4. Using Virtual Credit Cards –

virtual card

A virtual Credit card is a temporary card number that is linked to your main credit card. Now this virtual credit card has a limited time interval, and after that, it expires, it can be used only once. Various banks and financial companies allow this feature for protection. Plus, after it is used once, it cant be used again, and the hacker or fraudster can not make any purchase with it.

5. Check Bank & Transaction Statements –


Make sure every month you look at all the details and transaction statements of your account. Firstly it will keep you aware of all the transactions, and if you find any suspicious transaction, you can clear it by talking with your bank executives. Secondly, you can track your expenses and budgets so you can manage your shopping and transactions as per your needs.

6. Beware while Using on Your Smartphone –

mobile theft

Nowadays, stealing information on smartphones is getting a severe problem. A smartphone is like a journal of all the private and sensitive information. Make sure your smartphone is fully protected with passwords or biometrics. Use trustworthy apps, do not install and share credit card information with the third party apps always download apps from official app stores.


We hope now you have all the information needed to protect your online transactions and credit card. With this article on How To Protect Your Credit Card Information Online. We conclude that by following all the given measures, you will surely reduce the chances of online frauds and scams. Furthermore, you also get the knowledge of securing your personal information as well.

If you have some more measures, kindly tell us in the comments below for more articles like this, do follow us. Thank You!


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