We use smartphones every day, from calling to messaging, from social media to email, from health tracking to manage our to-do lists. We do so many tasks with just one device, but we never give any attention to its protection and security. Because of this lack of attention, sometimes people face different issues with their devices. Issues including screen lagging, random reboots, automatic phone reset, background data usage, are some of the few one of them. But today, in this article on How To Protect Your Android Phone From Malware. We will be giving you some tips to protect your device from all the security threats.

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(Ways) How to Protect Your Android Phone from Malware

Let’s go through some of the ways by which you can achieve protection as well as an increased performance with an excellent battery backup on your device.

1. Download Apps from Authorized Sources –


Mobile spyware is increasing, so you have to protect your Android phone by choosing safe apps and download apps only from authorized sources like Playstore or device-specific app store. Watch out for suspicious apps and pirated apps. Fake BBM app is one great example, where many people just downloaded it without reading the reviews. The best defenses against malware are notice things with outrages promises, see bad reviews, and sketchy app permissions.

2. Keep Your Phone Updated –

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Updates can fix bugs, enhancements, and new features that can make your device more secure. To update your system go to Settings > About Tablet > System Updates. New updates bring the latest security enhancements and patches. Furthermore, system updates bring performance and improvement in the user interface along with features. Also, do not forget to update your apps to enjoy new features.

3. Use Antivirus Apps –


You can increase the security of the system by installing an antivirus. Antivirus ensures that your system is free from any malware or virus. You can download antivirus using play store on android and AppStore on iPhone devices. You will get paid and free anti-malware/virus apps. After installing firstly perform a full device scan and after that every time you download anything on your device, it will be automatically checked by the antivirus.

4. Keep Your Phone Protected with Password or Biometric –


Nowadays, most of the devices are equipped with biometric security; that is, you can use fingerprint and eyes to protect your system and disallowing any unknown person to open and infect your device. Furthermore, almost all devices are equipped with features like find my device on android, find my iPhone on iPhone devices in case you lose your phone.

5. Restricting Data Usage & Managing App Permissions –


The next step is to restrict the data usage of your smartphone. Firstly it will reduce battery usage, giving a good screen on time. Secondly, your phone will not consume your mobile without your permission. Thirdly it will keep your phone RAM free. Moving on to app permissions, make sure the app you install doesn’t keep your mobile data and GPS set to always on.

6. Using Two Factor Authentication –

two factor

The main aim of malware and spyware is to steal all your sensitive data. So kindly use protection features like two-factor authentication on your email id, banking apps, and other essential apps. Two-factor authentication ensures that your account can not be hacked, and only you have access to it.


In this article, we have discussed all the essential ways and some do’s, and dont’s on your smartphone usage. We hope this article gives you all the knowledge on How To Protect Your Android Phone From Malware. And inevitably, if you follow all the ways given in this article, not only will your phone be free from viruses and malware attacks, but also you will get a performance boost and a smooth experience on your smartphone usage.

We hope this article is useful to you. For more articles on smartphones and gadgets, do follow us. Thank You!


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