Every day we get to see news on hacking, stealing personal information, and attack of the virus on the system. Apart from the trickery of these hackers, most of the time it is us and our lack of attention that makes our personal information and system vulnerable to these adware, malware or spyware. But do not worry today in this article on How To Prevent Malware And Adware Downloads we will be giving you some tips. By following these little tips you will be safer and easily protect your system from getting infected. Now let’s proceed.


(Tips) How to Prevent Malware & Adware Downloads

Here are some tips, by following these tips you can surely keep your system safe and free from all the harms and security threats.

Keep Your System Up To Date –

system update

The first and foremost thing is to keep your system up to date with all the latest updates. If you are in window kindly update to the latest windows 10 same goes to for corresponding OS updates of mac and Linux. As new updates include all the latest security updates and patches. Secondly, all the software must also be updated to the latest version. Do not use a pirated version of the software. Updating the system is not that hard and usually, your OS itself tells if there are any system updates pending or you can manually update it by going to settings and then update the menu.

Prevent Going to Untrusted Websites & Downloading –

untrusted website

Do not go to websites that appear to be full of ads and popups. There are various websites that are filled with lots of ads and pop-ups. They make your system slow, redirects you to an unwanted website, makes you download adware, spyware programs. So avoid going to these websites.

Beware of Phisy Mails & Spam –


Don’t click links or download attachments unless you really know what they are. If you already click on them, you can do a full system scan with an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes’ free Anti Malware Program. Once your machine is virus-free, change your email account’s password and change it on a regular basis. Though email systems are equipped with algorithms that can detect spams and give warnings about the possibility of potential threat.

Using Threat Protection Programs –


Firstly do not close windows’ own antivirus program Bitdefender and always keep windows firewall turned on. Secondly, there are specific programs made for protecting your entire internet browsing. Software like malware bytes, malware fox, etc. These programs keep your browsing safe and do not let any infected file to infect your systems.

Use Addons on Your Browser –


Use do not track features if available or download from respective browser store. There are certain websites that put invisible trackers onto your browser. Now, these trackers gather your browsing data and can steal your passwords, and credentials. So please use tracker blockers. Apart from trackers use ad-blockers too. Firstly it will keep your browser run smoothly, secondly prevent you from going to unwanted and websites that can infect your system.

Clear Cache & Cookies Frequently –

web cookies

Make sure your browser is clean frequently and by clean means clearing out cookies, cache, and history. Tracking websites by installing the tracker on your browser can steal all of the sensitive data that may cost you a fortune. Clear your browser weekly or within ten days for safer internet browsing and keeping your data secure.


By following all of the above tips we are very sure you will not only keep your system free from adware, Spywares or viruses but also keep your sensitive data safe. With this being the end of the article on How To Prevent Malware And Adware Downloads you now have all the knowledge required to keep your system safe.

If you find this knowledge helpful, do comment below. For more interesting articles follows us. Thank You!


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