Carrying your system everywhere is not possible, but you still need a way by which you can just change any system as per your need with all your essential files and programs. Well, it is possible and as a matter of fact quite easy too. Some certain programs and services provide the functionality of creating a portable version of your software, including an entire OS on your USB flash drive or hard drive. Portable programs do not require any installation and are very useful in developing, debugging, testing, and can be run on low-end hardware. Today in this article on How To Make Portable Software Free. We will tell you some best software that can create a portable version of any program.


What is a Portable Software Creator?

A portable software creator is itself a program, but this software has the functionality of creating a portable version of the software. The software uses virtualization technology to make any software light and portable, including the operating systems. In virtualization technology, all the important system files, DLL files, and registries are converted into a single executable file.

(Guide) How To Make Portable Software FreeĀ 

Let’s go through some of the software programs that will give you the functionality to create portable versions of the software and operating system.

1. Cameyo – (Freemium)


This software is a robust portable app creator. You need to register for a free account and login. You can make portable software with no internet connection (download) or online (no download). It is one of the best software for creating a portable version of windows specific programs. On the Cameyo website, you also have a vast collection of ready-made portable apps. Which can be run onto HTML5 browser or in your system itself.

  • Apps can be created offline and online
  • Free Trial for a certain period of time
  • A readymade collection of portable apps on Cameyo website
  • Apps can be run on the system as well as HTML5 enabled web browser
  • Apps can be saved on to cloud storage

2. Turbo Studio – (Freemium)

Turbo studio

Turbo Studio is also known as Spoon Studio. This tool lets you convert software into self-contained virtual applications. Converted software can be streamed over a browser or can be installed on the system. Build on the Xenocode virtualization engine, and it has been improved a lot. Turbo website has a vast library of web-base applications, including VLC player, chrome, sketch up, etc. which can be run on browser without having to install them.

  • Convert software into self-contained virtual applications
  • Stream over a browser or directly install on the system
  • Build on Xenocode Virtualization Engine
  • A vast library of web-based application

3. Enigma Virtual Box – (Freeware)

Enigma Virtual Box

Unlike other virtualization software enigma virtual box does not extract the virtual files on to the disk; instead, it uses the process memory. It combines all the important files and registries into a single executable file. With the enigma virtual box, you can pretty much virtualize any file, like, ActiveX/COM objects, dynamic libraries, text files, video and music files, etc. Furthermore, it supports almost all versions of Windows including Windows 2000, XP, Vista,7,8,8.1,10

  • Uses process memory instead of Hard disk space
  • Can convert a wide range of files
  • Supports almost all versions of Windows
  • It is free to use software

4. Virtual Box – (Freeware)


Now do not get confused between the Virtual Box and Enigma Virtual Box; both of them are different software. A virtual box is used to use an entire operating system virtually. You can run any version of windows, Linux OS, Haiku, OSx, and Solaris without having actually to install it on your Hardware. It is very useful in emulation and testing. You can manually assign your hardware resources, including RAM, hardware, and CPU. Furthermore, it also has the ability to retain and save data.

  • Used as a hypervisor to virtualize OS
  • Support a wide variety OS’s including Windows, Linux OS, Haiku, OSx and Solaris
  • Useful in emulation and testing
  • Manually assign your hardware resources
  • Free to use program

You now have all the knowledge regarding various software services by which you can easily convert any software and OS into a portable version. With this being the end of the article on How To Make Portable Software Free. We hope your doubts and confusion must have been cleared by now. For more interesting articles on tech and games, do follow us. Thank You!


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