Every day we see news on data theft, social media account hacking, and bank credential leaking. Life on the internet has been changed drastically in the last decade. Social media sites, dating sites, or chatting websites are undoubtedly the hub of people’s personal information. And for hackers and internet stalkers, it not that hard to find information about someone. Typically, once information is on the internet, it’s there to stay. Many people may find it depends on how easy it is to find through a search engine. Today in this article, we will be telling you some ways on How To Delete Personal Information From Internet Free.


What Sensitive Information can be Used by these Data Stealers?

  • Your Name, Adress, Family Details, Contact Numbers, Friends
  • Login Details like username and passwords on different Websites
  • Bank Account details
  • Your Passport Number, Social Security Numbers, Tax identification numbers
  • Your Health-related information

(Steps) How to Delete Personal Information from Internet Free

With these following steps, you can minimize your footprints and reduce the amount of personal data available on the internet. Your information will not just disappear instantly; it is going to take some time to, but surely these steps will save you from serious financial and personal risks.

Eliminate Social Networking Site Data –

The first and foremost steps remove all the sensitive information your social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. If you have joined any dating, its time to remove all the sensitive information from there. If you do not want to delete your social media accounts, kindly make your all your account be private so that personal information isn’t visible to everyone.

Removing Personal Website Info –


You can remove the info on the internet pages if you have authority on the website where your individual data is found. If you’d like to retain the info online but do not want search engines to get the data, you’re able to password-protect the data or set up a robots.txt file to block search engines. 

Eliminating Information from Someone Else’s Site –


If your private information is on possession of a site you have no control, you’re able to try to consult the webmaster or web host of the website to eliminate your information. In some instances, after-time, they may conform to your request.

Eliminating a Site from Search Engines –


Several search engines have guidelines where they eliminate the links to websites based on the information. Whenever we state “eliminate,” we imply that the links are no longer listed; however, the information remains on the net. To pages that have any of the below private information, links may be removed by Google as an example.

Things To Consider –
  • If you are sharing your personal details with any website, make sure it is a legit website.
  • Kindly turn on ‘Do not track’ features on your web browsers, or download the extension and install it.
  • Do not allow access to your cache and cookies to any third-party websites.
  • Make sure you have installed similar software like Malwarebytes, which will protect you from viruses or program that shares your information online.
  • On social media websites, keep your personal details to be very limited.
  • Do not signup with any websites unless it is trustworthy; various online tools tell the legitimacy and credibility of websites.

With this article, I am sure you get a deep knowledge as to how sensitive is your data is and how hackers and data miners can get their hands on your personal data. With this being the end of the article on How To Delete Personal Information From Internet Free. I conclude that by following all of the steps and tips, you will surely reduce the presence of your online information to a bare minimum. For more interesting articles, follow us. Thank You!


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