A Home Computer is a perfect machine, and it is designed and made as per our needs. Be it any user casual, average, or heavy user. And it really gets painful when you need an important document, and you forgot to copy it to your phone. Or suppose you are faced with a problem in your system, and your friend is good at troubleshooting with remote access; it can be solved within seconds. Unlike laptops, the problem with PC’s is that you can’t carry them anywhere. Today in this article, we will be discussing and giving you some methods on how to access a home computer remotely from anywhere.

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What is Remote Access?

Remote access is a technology that allows you to access your computer system from any corner of the world. With remote access, you can access, manage, and modify your files and system. It is very helpful in managing work and increasing productivity. Many giant companies are using this technology for better management. This technology is not just limited to corporate use, and it can be used by normal users to manage files, troubleshooting, and monitoring, etc.

(Tools) How to Access a Home Computer Remotely from Anywhere

Let’s talk about some of the best remote access programs by installing them you can add the remote access functionality to your computer system. With this software installed and configured on your system, you can enjoy fully secured access to your system anywhere in the world.

1. Teamviewer –

First on our list is Team Viewer. It can be used for free if you are using it for personal use. You have to create your account on Teamviewer with the login and passwords you can access it remotely. Team viewer is one of the most trusted software and is very easy to set set-up. With the team viewer, you do not have to worry about privacy and security as it is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption and 2-factor authentication. With features like group sharing, whiteboard.


Available For: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Blackberry

Special Features: Free to use, Cross-Platform, Chat Feature, Screen Capturing, Remote Printing, VoIP

2. LogMeIn –

A great free service that enables you to hook up with another computer using your web browser slightly. After installing, this program enables you to connect to another computer remotely. Once connected, you’re able to start remote files, see your Email, run packages, and offer rural support to some local user. You can remotely log in with a secured URL or your normal username and password. It is available for a free trial, and after that, you have to pay for the service.


Available For: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS

Special Features: Remote Control, Remote Printing, Endpoint Management, Patch Management, Remote Monitoring, Multi-Monitor, Display Remote Deployment

3. RealVNC –

The original VNC program that allows people to connect to different computers running VNC remotely. The free version of VNC supports the standard connection. It is multiplatform software available for Windows,macOS, and Linux. Equipped with 128- or 256-bit encryption, your session will be fully secured. Like the team viewer, it is you can use it free for personal use.


Available For: Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS

Special Features: Fully Secured sessions, Multiplatform IP filtering, Inactivity timeout, Session recording

4. TightVNC –

It is a fantastic free and open-source software derived from the popular VNC program, which allows you to hook up to another computer and manage it slightly. The program supports systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and android and will exchange files between computers. It is free software, with all the basic functionality it is an excellent software for data transferring.


Available For: Windows, Android

Special Features: Data Transfer, Minimal Interface, Automatic Login, Free to use, Lightweight

5. Chrome Remote Desktop –

This is free desktop software by google. It installs on your chrome browser. With this, you can set any host computer that is running a chrome browser. The main features that differentiate it from other programs are it is quick to install, easy to set up, very light, essential, easy file transfer.


Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS

Special Features: Lightweight, Quick to set up, File download, Remote Access

Below is additional information about possible issues you may experience when using the alternatives above:

  1. Firewall: Some faculties and corporations have a hardware firewall  That may prevent virtually all outside internet traffic, which makes it complicated or even impossible for many of the solutions to function.
  2. Plugins & Extra Software: Lots of online services that enable you to connect over your browser to another computer remotely will need a plugin to be installed to a third-party.
  3. The Computer should be on: Eventually, the Computer you would like to hook up to must stay powered on.

With this being the end of the article on How To Access A Home Computer Remotely From Anywhere. We conclude that all of the above-given software will provide you the best remote access functionality. You can use this software for personal as well as commercial use, depending on their plans and pricing.

We hope this article provides you a brief explanation of remote accessing and how you can achieve by using the software as mentioned above. For more articles like this, follow us. Thank You!


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