How to identify phishing email

Post On: February 9, 2017
By: dhioendar
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Below is information about how to identify phishing email.

From Company. If you have no affiliation with the company sending the email and they have no idea who you are, it is fake.

Spelling and grammar – Incorrect spelling and grammar are almost always a dead giveaway.

Deadlines – email demands an immediate response. For example, you have to log in and change your account information within 24 hours.

Fake Links.

How to identify phishing email

How to identify phishing email with knowing the real official source

What to do if you are not sure if an email is the real official

Never follow any links in an e-mail, just visit the page manually with typing the address of the company.

Never send any private information through email.

Contact the company directly if you have business with them.

Phishing emails commonly address these things:

  • Account issues, password expiring, account being hacked, account is out of date or account information needing to be changed.
  • Personal information or credit card.

How to identify phishing email easily

Below is just a listing of corporations phishers usually attempt to attack

• Any major bank

• Well-Known websites for example Amazon, Fb, MySpace, PayPal, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, YouTube, etc.

• Authorities: FBI etc.

• Internet service providers for example AOL, Comcast, Cox, MSN, etc.

• Casinos.

• online-dating or community websites.

You need to check your computer in case your computer has been with malware if you think you have fallen into a phishing attack.

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