Microsoft windows 10 useful tips and tricks

Post On: January 16, 2017
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Make use of the below Microsoft Windows 10 useful tips and tricks to make the nearly all of your Windows 10 experience.

Microsoft windows 10 useful tips and tricks

Microsoft Windows 10 useful tips and tricks number one is with pressing the windows key and left or right arrow keys will move or dock the window you are viewing to left or right-hand side of the screen. With pressing windows key and arrow key up will maximize a window and windows key and down arrow will minimize the window.


Use Shift to stretch a window vertically, Press Windows key + Shift + the up arrow. And if you have multiple monitors, you can use windows key + shift + left or right arrow key to move the window to other monitor.


Windows key and plus or minus keys
If you ever must zoom-in or from what’s being displayed on your own screen press the Windows key as well as the + (plus) or – (minus) keys. Pressing on the plus will zoom in and once zoomed while in the minus can zoom out.


Microsoft Windows 10 useful tips and tricks number five is Clear all background programs easily with pressing the windows key + the home key.


Make use of the Windows 10 search
Click the Start orb or press windows key and then type the program’s name you want to run or file you want to edit or something. If there are more than one match is found, use up and down arrow keys to select the file.


Running as administrator: Some applications may need administrator mode to operate effectively. You could open any program as administrator. Do not press enter, although to get this done, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. This shortcut operates this program as administrator.


Take advantage of the Taskbar
Pin applications to the Taskbar
To Pin a program to the Taskbar, right-click on the program or shortcut and in the selection select the Pin to Taskbar option. Instead you can also drag the image to the Taskbar.
If you want to remove a pinned program, right-click and click Unpin.


Move the icons and pinned programs
Any pinned or opened software on the Taskbar can be moved and arranged. Left- click the image of the software to the place you desire it to stay.


Microsoft Windows 10 useful tips and tricks number ten is Pin your chosen file
In case you usually access the same directory (e.g. your favorites, my documents, Dropbox, etc.) pin the file for the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar. To achieve this drag your preferred file to the Taskbar until you see Pin to Windows Explorer. Once pinned, right-click the Explorer icon to access that file under the pinned section.

Microsoft windows 10 useful tips and tricks for beginner

Microsoft windows 10 useful tips and tricks for easier use

Open a second program
Press and hold the Shift key if you prefer to open another program that is presently available and press the program image around the Taskbar.


Reach the Desktop
Click the Desktop button around the far right edge of the Taskbar to make it to the Desktop.


Improve the text’s quality
Make use of the general quality of all text to improve you keep reading your display. To start out the ClearType Text Tuner. click start orb and type cttune.exe, or you can learn it here.


Permit and eliminate Windows 7 features
Turn Windows features on and off by clicking Start, Type features and then enter. Within the Programs and features window on the left-hand column you click Turn windows features on of off. And in the features box, you can check or uncheck the features you want to enabled or disabled.

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