List of computer keyboard shortcuts

Post On: January 3, 2017
By: dhioendar
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With knowing list of computer keyboard shortcuts, you will make it easier and faster to operate computer. Especially for basic use or for writing article. Below are list of computer keyboard shortcuts you can try yourself:


Copy only active window you use to clipboard

Normally, the Print Screen function is to copy the entire display, press ALT + Print Screen only copies the currently active window for the clipboard. Whether having a screenshot to analyze an issue, or perhaps since you desire to show anything to a friend, this may come in convenient.
List of computer keyboard shortcuts


Repair those minor mistakes

do you know nearly every action can be undone by you? CTRL + Z could be the ultimate key, as well as for sure you knew about this presently, nonetheless that undo doesn’t just apply to typing. If you accidentally remove a document, it is possible to press CTRL + Z to bring it back to wherever it was. In browsers like Safari and Opera you may also undo closing a tab with using CRTL + SHIFT + T


Cycle through open windows

Pressing ALT+TAB permits you to cycle through presently open windows. This makes changing back and forth between running processes easy and quick. Windows + Tab can do the job for you.


Interrupt all running processes

CTRL + ALT + Delete is among the most typical PC shortcuts, and something just about everyone is familiar with. The main thing to notice is that it interrupts all functions, like the the one that is bogging down your system, which may mean the difference between having to restart or not.


Close the current program in used

Maybe this is know by everyone, list of computer keyboard shortcuts to close the current program is with pressing ALT + F4. This is helpful as it saves you time mousing within the “X”. People will often make use of this as a laugh, letting you know to press ALT + F4 to fix a problem. If you don’t wish to close that which you are doing Don’t drop for this.


Minimize all windows

Occasionally you’ve a bunch of stuff running and you need them all to go away so you can get tto the desktop. Merely pressing Windows + D may lessen whatever you have up, that may help you save time pushing on the minimize key for every window. It ought to be known that Windows + M provides comparable operation, but there is no undoing, so Windows + D is the more beneficial approach.


Start the task manager directly

if you prefer to bypass the interrupt that happens when pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and bounce to the task manager, typing CTRL + Shift + ESC releases it straight.


Close the active window/tab
Besides pressing the X button, you can press CTRL + W and the active window will close.


Bring up the system information window

List of computer keyboard shortcuts to open system information window
With just pressing Windows + Pause/break and the System information panel is going to be all set. This may function as only use for that Pause/Break key you’ll actually discover, thus enjoy it!

List of computer keyboard shortcuts for numerous monitor control

List of computer keyboard shortcuts for several monitor control

There are lots of helpful keyboard shortcuts for controlling open windows that are open on displays. Pressing the window key + Arrow keys will quickly snap to each part of either monitor. Instead, the screen to bounce towards the different monitor with just pressing Shift + Windows Key + Arrows. Finally, pressing Windows + P enables you to rapidly setup a projector or another screen.

That’s list of computer keyboard shortcuts you need to know. To see recent article visit Home. Next article is how to manage files and folders in computer.